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    Electronic music pioneers

    Okay. Who threw that oscillator? And, Johnny, no. The patch cords aren't meant to be used as dreadlocks.

    We're doing electronic music history here. Who can name the pioneers?

    Yes, Sadie. Good answer. Else Marie Pade is one of them.
    Check out her sounds on YouTube.

    Who else?

    Warning: don't ram LP's into the DVD burner slot.
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    None more legendary (or more pioneering) than the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

    There was a radio programme last week on it, podcast here:

    The BBC Radiophonic workshop,opened in 1958 with an aim to experiment and produce original music for various iconic BBC programmes. It was shut down 40 years later by Director General John Birt. In an edition recorded just as the Workshop prepare to release a new album, and tour the UK, Matthew Sweet brings together Radiophonic Workshop members Dick Mills, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb, Peter Howells, and Mark Ayres to reflect on the days and nights they spent in the workshop, coaxing ageing machines into otherworldly life, and pioneering electronic music.

    If you don't know who Delia Derbyshire was, then you don't know electronic music...

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