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    Freesound downloading

    Hello, m VERY new to this web sight and I'm not yet sure how to use it. I'm trying to get effects from Freesound to IMovie for a project, I watched a video on this and it said that if you download sound it should automatically save to you ITunes account. Is this true?

    Thanks, oh and sorry if this is the wrong forum!

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    I take it you're new to technology in general, I will try to simplify my words smile

    So, It depends where you are saving the file. If you save it to the iTunes folder, it will appear in your library when iTunes scans the folders upon opening. I'm not sure about iMovie, because i don't use it for video editing.

    The file will not magically appear in your library after saving from the website.
    Maybe there's a browser plug-in you are using for that, I don't know one even exists.

    Anyway. Just save the files into a location on your hard disk, then open the folder and you should be able to drag and drop the files (import) into the iMovie app. That would be a better way of doing it, so you can save all the freesounds you used for a project in it's relative folder, then you know what you have used if you need to attribute.

    just get into the habit of maintaining a file system of folders on your machine to categorise the sounds you download. That means you can easily find the same sound effects to use in future projects.

    Hope this helps

    If you have any other questions, fire away!

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