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    This dog

    This dog's making a sound.
    How would you synthesize something like that sound?

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    That's a very difficult question you have asked. Although I know how to recreate the dog's vocalisation, it would be far easier using "musique concrete" techniques and pretty pointless to try and synthesise from scratch.

    To synthesise completely from scratch, you would have to analyse the sound first, its spectral content and choose a composite of suitable waveforms that would recreate the specific timbre, then you would have to filter the sound in such a way that would mimic the throat and mouth modulation of dog. Then, by adding some further modulation to the amplitude with tremolo (saw waveform) to achieve the stuttering.

    If I had time I would demonstrate this for you, but sadly I'm a very busy thing right now. smile

    BUT, if you have any further questions fire away...

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