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    Pete Middleton Pictures are a small independent film company based in West Yorkshire.
    We don't rely on handouts with all projects no matter what size, funded by ourselves.

    We create Short films almost every weekend covering all genres with two full length feature films also under our belt, the third "The Carnage Network " is almost reaching completion.
    One of our feature length projects "Driftwood" - released 2007 and uploaded in 2012 is viewable on YouTube now.

    Pete Middleton pictures have also created campaigns such as "You'll Never Forget me" and "Surreal" supported year after year by the West Yorkshire police and Carole Whittingham .MBE. Chair of Campaign against Drinking and Driving(C.A.D.D)

    Most of our projects have taken that extra breathe of life with sounds downloaded here from Freesound. To which we ALWAYS give full credit to it's maker.

    All are projects are viewable via the Promotional channel on YouTube - link below.

    Our latest project "Meaningful" is a shocking short. It's content is graphic and only suitable for a adult audience, we do warn those of a nervous disposition to be cautious when viewing. Please check it out and let us know what you think. The link is below.


    "Promotional channel"

    Kind regards,
    Emma Ibbitson
    Producer at Pete Middleton Pictures

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