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    need help installing microsoft windows

    Yes, I'm asking for it yet again.
    Well it's simple. The other day I went down to office depot with my family and got a brand new laptop.
    It came preinstalled with windows 8 64 bit. Ever since I got home and turned it on, I've had problems with windows ever since, regarding activation.
    Access on windows 8 is lacking anyway, I don't like the stability of it, so I was wondering if, yes... I could get some sighted help installing another legal copy of windows I have?
    Hope you all had a great thanks giving and for those who want to help either pm me or reply to this topic!

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    IT used to be a driver problem.. i think

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    You sure you don't want to wait for windows 10? It's most likely going to get released this year, and owners of windows 8 get a free upgrade. If you downgrade to win7, you may not be eligible for it (but you could of course install win 8 later using the key found at the bottom of your computer and the install 10 again, but that's just more hassle).

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