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    I am in urgent need of sighted help with the Edirol r 05

    Not sure if the topic subject makes much sense, but there you go.
    I am also not sure if this is in the right place either.
    So if you are a moderator who happens to find this in the wrong place, feel free to move it around as you see fit.
    Now, that out of the way, let me explain myself.
    I am in need of an accessible quick start guide sort of thing, for the edirol r 05.
    For those of you who might not know, I am completely, totally, utterly, and unfortunately, blind.

    By accessible I mean plain text with no graphics. Or whatever.
    I would really love it if you could explain the basics of the thing; E.G, button/switch placement, menus and how they work, setting the time and that's it.
    Yes, I've already taken a look at the very large! Manual that is available to download from the Roland site.
    No dice. I have actually tried phone customer support and that is another story in itself...
    Thanks all!

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    Maybe i can help. I can download the manual, edit out all the pictures and email it to you. Unfortunetly i'm not an owner of the edirol r 05, so i can't give you any advice what so ever, but the text version i can make, would that be ok?

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    Of course, and I do believe, looking at the manual again, that the menus are in order, sort of.
    But yes if you could cut the graphics out and make a text version, that would be great!
    Unfortunatly the time setting is very difficult, and it's not explained in the manual.
    My girlfriend had to set it for me.
    And yes, I did get the thing, just yesterday.

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