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    Recording Studio & Global Distribution

    If you are looking for a recording studio which provides both quality and is cost effective then look no further as you have just found it.

    Candy Bass Records are currently giving you chance to take advantage of this exclusive discounted offers.


    Take note of the price-list below:

    £35 for the first hour and £20 for every extra hour.

    HALF DAY RATE - £150 (6h)
    • FREE producer
    • FREE track/album cover design

    FULL DAY RATE - £250 (10h)
    • FREE producer
    • FREE mastering
    • Free track/album cover design

    Our Recording Studio is completely soundproof so no need to worry about outside interference.

    Our clients come from a vast background in the music industry so it goes without saying that we can accommodate all sorts of needs when it comes to your requirements.

    We also offer 2 packages for GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION so please take note of the following:


    • 20 global distributors
    • 1 year package.
    • Track/s submission & distributor delivery
    • Quarterly sales reports

    2.) THE PRO PACKAGE - £200
    • Over 40 global distributors
    • 1 year package
    • Track submission & distributor delivery
    • Quarterly sales reports
    • Preferred by 99% of our clients
    • You keep 100% of the royalties

    That is correct, you not only get 100% of your royalties back but you also get the boost of a record label behind you as a bonus feature of this package.

    At this stage we would also advise the following package:

    • 8 week advertising campaign
    • Monthly campaign reports
    • Release awareness increase
    • Multi network advertising
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Preferred by all our clients

    PS: Our prices are extremely competitive, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

    ! ! ! TIME SENSITIVE OFFER ! ! !

    Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

    VAT included in the prices.
    All work is invoiced.
    Cancelation terms and conditions apply.
    30 day terms apply.

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Or alternatively contact us on;

    0845 880 3585
    07508 968 662!/candy_B_records

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