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    @hk: I know how to get sound out of an image, but as far as the textures go I'd wager you'd have to get a pretty highrez monochrome image of the object then run it through a program like Coagula. Though I'm sure you'd get an entirely different sound if you were to use the method the guys at firstsound used.

    as far as the shows go: Back then I wasn't even a glimmer in my daddys' eye. (Mind you I'm still 27 days from being old enough to legally destroy my liver/inhibitions. ) But I would have loved to be able to see/hear your performance as it sounds like one hell of an experience. And as far as ' improvised idiocy' The things I've seen outside the Houston zoo (people posing as robot poets, break dancers, and the like) surely would change your mind. And on topic of funding, I'm currently seeking employment but you could always try for a grant tell them its a study on "Human/sound interaction" or something.

    Just another shadow in a room without lights.