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    Bedlam on Broad street

    This morning I took my Marantz PMD660 and AT822 and went to an extraordinary event. It's called Bethlehem on Broad Street. Every Christmas day, there is a large urban church here which serves a fine, free meal on china to anyone who asks. Many people come to this event, so many that I wanted to share the sounds of this with you. This was not submitted to Freesound, and has not been reviewed by anyone but me. I thought if I hosted it myself, I could present it to you in a more timely fashion.

    Here's my blog post with more detail:

    And here's a direct link to the MP3:

    Peace, all.

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    It's a great file Andrew. It listened to it last night and it really made me wish my Christmas was as good as this one sounded. I love mixing of people in the file. Nice job.

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