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    Invitation to a bi-national traveling sonic art project.

    The Experimental Centre OÍDOSALVAJE is searching for artist based in Miami that are interested in joining a sonic art project and work with Ecuadorian artists.

    Relations between Ecuador and the United States are historically linked in varied complexity. Of the most important and symbolic, is the recent massive migration of Ecuadorian sectors towards several American cities. This mobilization has created an economic evolution that resonates throughout the country.

    Nevertheless a dialogue does not exist that updates the cultural contributions to reflect the identity processes and subsequent evolution of both territories. These changes that reflect the sound and volume of dialogue between Ecuador and the United States happen without any artistic registration.

    In response, the project QUADRA is a catalyst in the reconstruction of dialogue about pending realities and evolving memories on both sides of the border. QUADRA proposes the literal use of this dialogue as an auditorial landscape between Ecuador and the United States.

    The use of QUADRA as a bi-national, traveling project demands a need for mutual recognition in contribution to the audibility of 2 diverse cultures with ever evolving points of convergence.

    QUADRA integrates the “acoustic gym” as the generation of physical, virtual, permanent and ephemeral space to be “exercised” without the status of producing or consuming “finished works”. The “acoustic gym” encourages fragments and communicative dexterities within the creative dialogues of portable characters, diverse actors and an eclectic public that defies the confines of language and space.

    The Dolby Surround system 4.1, conditions the techniques and mechanics used in the media practice that the acoustic gym creates. The concept, created by the Canadian acoustic activist Murray Schafer in the seventies, assists QUADRA artists in their description of free will with the creation of the sonic landscape or soundscape. With the use of these soundscapes, QUADRA artists can produce variations, versions, contaminations, crossings and evocations in their ability to register, manipulate and diffuse sound.

    For more information contact:
    Centro Experimental OIDO SALVAJE
    Calle Mideros OE 855 y Chimborazo
    Quito – Ecuador
    Fabiano Kueva (producer)

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