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    I Cant Find This Sound Pack, Can Anyone Help Me?

    I've Searched Throught 1000 Of Sounds looking for this sound pack I found But The File Types Was Either .flac Or .aiff so I did not download them. But now I have a converted and I cannot find the pack. The files in the pack are either .Flac Or .aiff and the files were either Fx or Synths and after hearing so many other sounds I can remember what the sound like to the T! But they where FX and Either Drops of some type of Alien sound, N Ive search both words but I cant find them at all, And The Sounds were so GREAT! ~ There not Rhino sounds, and they are not easy to find which is why I cant find them. Can Anyone help, I want to say the where. Flac though, Im Just Not Sure!

    Thank You!


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