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    Starting my sample library

    Any tips on where to begin?

    My school (Columbia College) has a pretty large library for me to use, but it's very unorganized and kind of a pain in the ass to use since most of the individual libraries in the library (ie: the General 6000) come without documentation, and each folder is simply numbered..

    Should I buy an external TB to begin with, or is the portability not worth the reliability trade-off (is there one?)? How should I begin organizing them (are there any automated programs that can do the job, such as how MediaMonkey works for music?)? Any libraries I should consider buying to start with, or should I focus specifically on my own generated audio? What hand-held recorders and microphones do you guys use/recommended?

    Sorry if this is a ton of a questions - I plan on starting soon, but preparation is 9/10ths of the work. At least for me, it usually is.

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    i will lost 5ish reasons why you should make your own and tips on how to.

    i recommend the Zoom h2 / h4sn phonemail recordings (if you're super broke, the h1 is 100$ and sounds the same as the h2. smile )

    begin list. smile
    1. your college has the license to that sound library, and much like mine. i guarantee you will be sued if you keep the sound fx out side of school and use them in commercial places. (tv, film games, anything that pays)

    2. make your own, it takes a while but, its easy and fun!

    i started making mine
    Kantouth Sounds
    >> > Forest,
    >>> Store,
    >>> Farmland
    >>> Space
    >>> Ocean
    ... etc.

    i have a 2tb. and about 1 gig is used for my sound library
    and i did copy the sounds over from my school which takes up around 120 gigs.

    it will take time, but it will be SO worth it.

    3. Have 2 folders.
    a dry-un edited version of the sounds
    a wet-edited "sellable" version
    This will let you keep your org. sound file.

    4. name them what the sound like, not what they are.
    Laser sounds are made from slinkies and springs. but we say laser. smile

    5. record everything! grin

    I do sound for TV FILM AND VIDEOGAMES, lets talk business.
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    The list of kantouth is very useful. Good luck DvineINFEKT.

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