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    What exactly constitutes as advertising/promotion?


    I'm new to Freesounds and I love it...sadly I just started reading into the legal constituents of the website today after downloading several sounds.

    I'm working with a company that produces slot machines and I'm the music composition/sound effects person, and I've found a lot of perfect sounds for use in our games.

    My question: The games themselves will be promoted in a magazine for slot machines and possibly in other publications within the gaming community. Does this infringe on the rights of the authors of these sounds I'm using or does it have nothing to do with them since it's just a visual advertisement with a game synopsis and no mention or use of sounds? Will I need to include correct attributes in these advertisements or just within the game credits?

    Another Question: Every sound I'm using is a "mash-up" (2-5 sounds on top of each other to create a "new" sound) except 4 of them. I've contacted all 4 authors asking for permission of the sounds that aren't mashed-up or heavily edited, will this make it OK to use all of these sounds in a commercially distributed game?

    Last Question: Is the fact that these sounds are being used in slot machines constitute these sounds as a promotion or advertisement for something? Or is this situation no different from using sounds with any visual media therefore the issue with advertising and promotion is an unnecessary inquiry? (I feel like I'm just being over analytical with this question but figured I'd ask anyway)

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    I'm not a lawyer but here is the way I see it.
    Promotion of the games in a magazine seems fine. You are advertising the game, not using sounds from here to create an ad (for example you make an ad for toothpaste and you use a sound from here of someone brushing their teeth). Furthermore, the sounds are a part of the game so if you made an ad of someone playing the game and you can hear sounds from Freesound that is still ok much in the same way a sample song could be played to promote a CD of music with sound from Freesound.
    I also believe all that is needed is credit in the game, not in the ad.

    I believe it is fine to use sounds from Freesound in a commercial game, or cd, or whatever, provided you give credit.

    The last question is quite interesting, it seems fine to me, but perhaps some other people will chime in.

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