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    Song with samples re-used in commercials, television, etc.


    I am new to freesound, and before I start using samples in my actual songs, I had a couple questions.

    1. I am making an album, and was interested in using some samples. I would be able to post credits on my website and in the liner notes to the printed version of the CD. However, the album will be for sale on iTunes and a few other places with cover art only, no booklet, meaning there would be no credits visible from that source. Is it enough that I have the credits listed on my website (even if it's not linked at the source of download of the song)?

    2. I would be pursuing placement for these songs (that would freesound hypothetically contain samples) in television shows and commercials? Is this allowed? Again, I would have no control over any of the credit listings in these mediums, would it still be enough that my website has the appropriate credits listed?

    Sorry if these are duplicitous to other topics; I did look around the boards for awhile and still wasn't totally sure about them.

    Thanks so much to anyone who might be able to shed some light on this stuff for me!


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    Hi Josh,

    The safest thing to do is contact the sample creators (PM - private message from this site) and ask them for permission. Even if the CC licence doesn't allow some things, the creators can still give you extra permissions if they wish to. You would certainly need to do this before you sell your work for use in commercials. I'm sure many members would be pleased to hear their work is being used, and each uploader probably has their own ideas on what they consider to be proper credit. I could suggest that a discrete link to your URL printed at the edge of the cover artwork would help.


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