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    Usage for the Mofilm Vodeo Contest

    Hello! I'm McFex and as I am all new to this whole legal stuff (I just joined the site almost two weeks ago) I have a question about using freesound in the Mofilm Video Contest.
    Just check it out quickly, so that you can see what this contest is all about...

    Is it o.k. to use sounds from this site, if it's used for a contest, which is ultimately about creativity and not advertising, although what you create to present is an advertisement?
    My project for example does have credits in the end, where I give credit to the site and the uploaders using a nice jingle I created (like this one).
    From what I just read in the "Usage for tvc"-thread I conclude, that with attribution usage is possible - am I right?

    the intended use in case of winning on the other hand might be a different story.
    Here a quote from the brief:

    Film will be shown on Ben & Jerry’s websites across Europe and may also be
    seeded on social networking sites.

    So, in case of winning (I don't put my hopes too high, because I have difficulties squeezing it into the demanded 60s timeframe - but anyways...) I could ask all uploaders via e-mail wether it is o.k. to use their sounds?
    Maybe Ben&Jerry's would even be prepaired to show the film "as is", meaning with credits intact...
    (since it is all about "fair trade" :wink: ).

    I am really hoping for a positive answer, since I put a lot of work into my little animation and would not know where else I could get such incredible sounds like the ones I used... grin

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    Let's see...
    I just read myself a little bit more into the rules and legal stuff now.
    If anyone reads this looking for legal information - a simple look into the rules and carefully reading the cc license really DOES help! wootops:
    Maybe I should have done it before, but as I am a rather simple minded and naive character I really HATE that juridical shit :x ! Why can't we all be nice to each other?
    But there could be no lawyers without people like me, so I guess it is o.k. :wink: .

    I will write an email to all the uploaders whose sounds I used and ask them personally for permission to use them in the contest and beyond.

    I am sorry if anyone felt bothered with my question, but still, an official comment would be nice.


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