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    License of a work that includes samples from here.


    I am part of a band who is currently recording a demo CD. We're planning to print a few copies of it and give them away / try to sell them.

    I am currently creating an intro and outro using some ambience samples from this website. If I understand the license correctly, I am free to do so as long as I attribute those samples. I think stating something like "Sample X from User X, from" on the cd booklet is enough, am I right?

    My question is: do we have to license our work under the same Creative Commons license because of those samples?
    Or are we allowed to write "All music and lyrics (C) Inner Fire, all rights reserved, no unauthorized copying etc", I mean the usual copyrighting phrase written on commercial CDs.

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    You have to attribute those samples as per CC conditions, just like the example you gave. The fact that you use CC-licensed samples does not influence the license of your own work, i.e. you can still claim copyright for your own music.

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    Yes, with the sidenote you can't license it under any lower license, for example a CC-BY license is too weak, since the Samples from here are not to be used in advertisements. So a minimum of CC-BY-NC is to be used. So a full copyright is allowed.

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