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    Quick video game questions.... Again!!!

    I know this has most likely been asked like million times, but I would like to be sure that I'm not doing anything illegal.

    Legal FAQ post said that it's legal to use these sounds in video games... however, that's not very specific.

    - Can I use these sounds in a freeware videogame?

    - If I want to get some money from the game, can I use these sounds in it?

    - What would be an appropriate way to attribute the samples? Is it enough if I do that in the end credits of the game?

    - Can I use these samples as they are, or do I have to change them somehow?

    - Can I mix samples together to create "original" music?

    - Can I advertise this page in the end credits?

    - Is there a limit on how many samples I can use in the game?

    These questions most likely are answered in the license, but my english isn't good enough for that legal mumbojumbo

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