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    Giving commercial permission

    I have a number of sounds uploaded here under the non-commercial attribution license. Someone has offered to buy a commercial license to one of the sounds--what exactly is the procedure for providing permission? Do I need to provide some sort of contract? Or, for example, is it sufficient to send an email that says "I [full name] (aka freesound user 'damnsatinist') give permission to (other user) to use [sound name] commercially" ?

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    I had to do this once for one of my sounds. The other party insisted on it being a written contract.

    A contract would be the ideal, you could get away with written permission, but you might want to go the extra mile just for assurance.

    Here is a standard music license agreement:

    I could send you the contract that I had to sign. Private message me if you want this, i'll be happy to share, because it's a little more specific to your case.

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    There are also, many artist release form template on the net. So you can find, or create the one which suit you and the other side the best.

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