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    Found free sampled instrument, not sure of source, can I use it?

    This topic is also under discussion at the forum for the DAW called REAPER link:

    At the website below, there are free sf2 instruments:


    It's not clear where these came from, and there's no way to contact the person running the website.

    My problem is I'm very interested in a sampled sax that's available under the horns category. However, I hesitate to use it on recordings that may be published and released to the public in the event that I would need to be properly licensed to use the samples.

    If you have Sforzando or Aria Player, you can check out the file called Tenor Sax 1.sf2 (only 9.3 MB).

    The instrument has a bank that's labelled like this:

    010_Tenor Goes2Sleep

    Does that format look familiar to anyone? I know it's definitely not Garritan Jazz and Big Band because the tenor sax instruments available sound nothing like it. How might I find out the source of this? There's no way to contact the website owner.

    There's a small program called Polyphone (available free here: )that allows you to open an sf2 file to see the contents and sample names. When I opened this one it shows the following:


    Is it possible the name of this is actually "Real Tenor Sax" and it was something made by E-mu ? A search is not bringing up anything.

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