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    Contact User for Commercial License? (REACHING OUT TO: deleted_user_6988258 )

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone have an idea on how to contact a user of this platform?
    The school I am working for made a video to a track made by user here and we just realized that this specific track is licensed under a non-commercial use only license.
    As the project is an advertisement, I guess it counts as commercial.

    So the Problem is, I can not reach the user. He goes by the name "deleted_user_6988258"
    He has last uploaded 2017 and hedoes not reply to my message.
    We would gladly pay him to get a written license to be able to use the track, but unless he logs into his account, which he might not do at all, I have no way to reach out.

    Any Ideas? Is there a way to get his email adress directly?

    Any hint could be helpful.

    Thank you and most love and respect to any user at freesound!!


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    Hi there

    The reason the username is like that is because the account was deleted, but the sounds were transferred to an anonymous account because of that option when deleting.

    By the looks of it all the sounds are licensed as CC-Zero which means they are in the public domain and all rights have been waived by the uploader.

    Is the sound you are referring to on the list of uploads? if so, then you don't need permission to use the sound commercially and you don't even need to credit. If the sound is not on the list available from "deleted_user_6988258" then that could be more tricky to solve.

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