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    GDC's 30+ GB sound effect library

    I wonder if these sounds have effectively been released as Public Domain?

    They said no attribution is required, commercial use is allowed, no royalties and no limitations.

    It's a sample of much larger sound effects collections so I guess they hope people who use this will buy more if they like it - but I wonder what is the licensing on these sounds precisely.

    Have anyone dug into this?

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    That seems to be exactly what it is: a free, royalty-free selection from their paid libraries. Given away as a free sample to attract people to buy their products.
    Very nice of them!

    Definitely the sounds can be used creatively without limits.

    They may have put something in the small print against re-distribution (i.e., including the sounds as they are in any sample packs, paid for or not).

    I want to believe.

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