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    Someone check me on this iTunes description for my podcast please?

    My podcast uses two pieces of music from two artists, as well as numerous SFX found on this site. All have been checked and cleared to be CCA (Attribution Required) and OK for commercial use.

    Here's the question. Do you guys think this is good enough for 'Attribution'? If you check my site you will find ALL the info on what music and SFX was used.

    Here's the text currently used for iTunes. I only have 500 characters to play with.

    Tod and Dave love talking about spy movies, old, new, good and bad.  Let’s dig in on this genre and explore! We inaugurate our podcast with an analysis of what could arguably be called the first spy movie of all time.  A 1934 Hitchcock classic, The Man Who Knew Too Much.  Music and SFX used under CCA license for details.  

    I'm new at this. I know you guys aren't lawyers but you got more wisdom in this sphere than I do. Do you think I'm doing it right?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Once I get this thing launched I plan to send a personal thank you message to each and every one of you that I used SFX from. You guys are awesome.

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    This will be very useful to you:

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