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    Is it ok to use

    If one records random people talking and you post it on here. If they happen to be searching this forum and find out the sound they are hearing is them talking. If it happened to me I would find it fascinating but what if they told me i had no right to put their voice on the internet. You cant always ask for permission to record random sounds of people after all.Even if they agreed the sound would be no longer natural. Also you cannot ask the people you record if its ok to use their sound if you are recording random people walking and talking down the street. Thanks

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    Freesound is full of examples of such recordings. I recommend taking the same considerations that you would if you were taking photos / making a movie.

    Photo/film examples:
    - taking general photos in a park/street/beach when there are people around - OK
    - standing in front of someone on the park/street/beach and taking photos of them. - not OK, unless they give permission
    - standing in front of your neighbours window and take photos of them while they have their dinner - not OK unless they give permission.

    Recording examples:
    If you are recording 'random people' in the street as they pass - OK
    Following someone with a recorder - not OK

    I want to believe.

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