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    Game sound attributions - Can I have a credits-menu with a link to my website containing detailed attributions?

    I have made a game entirely on my own, so my credits really only contain my own name and the guy that did my music.

    I did however use 20-ish sounds from here, and I am wondering if it is OK to provide a link to my website where the attributions are in full detail. Reason being I don't want to clutter the screen with URLs and other info, it would be a bit overwhelming.

    So my credit screen would look something like:

    Game By: My name
    Music By: Composer name
    Sound effect attributions: URL to page

    I am thinking that if anyone is interested in the sounds, it's easier for them to go to my website where there are actual clickable links and structured info, instead of trying to re-type everything from a moving credits-scene.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Iquo

    What you've described is totally acceptable as a method of attribution.

    I would however suggest you follow the Creative Commons guidelines for best attribution:

    1. Title of the sound file as published here
    2. Author of sound (user alias or real name)
    3. URL
    4. License type (e.g. CC-BY 3.0)

    Please visit this page for more detailed guidelines:
    Creative Commons WIKI - Best Practices for Attribution

    If you have a lot of sounds to credit you can use this free attribution generator (courtesy of qubodup )

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