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    Is freesound YouTube Safe ?

    Hi, I am learning animator with zero skills in SFX ... now, I want to post animated videos in my youtube channel ... Since learning and animating takes so much time , I can't wait another long duration to learn and produce sound effects for my videos. I heard about some months ago and I was wondering whether it will YouTube Safe to use the sounds from this site .... I learnt about the moderation and CC licenses too and kinda have built up some confidence ... How has the experience of for the fellow YouTubers and animators ??? Have u run into any kind of problems using the site ??? Is freesound totally YouTube safe ????

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    In 99% of cases, yes, Freesound uploads are completely usable on YouTube (so long as the licenses have been followed).

    However, I have very occasionally encountered a few sounds that have been used prominently in popular songs. If the song is then plugged in to the YouTube "Content ID" system (a system often used by artists and publishers to protect their music from being posted and monetized on YouTube), then it sometimes has the unfortunate consequence of also flagging the use of any prominent sound effects.

    And there's not much we can do about that outside of disputing the claim and hoping they release it (which to be fair, they usually do), but it is still quite the pain to run into these occasional sounds which were uploaded here for everyone to use, but then falsely claimed by a single artist/publisher.

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