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    source of the sound? how

    i know that this question is out of the subject
    how can moderator know the source of the sound during the verification
    software , service , website ? can you give me its name?
    and thank you very much

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    We don't have a specific software for this. Although it would be kinda nice.

    I'm going to assume you are referring to sounds that aren't recorded/made by the uploader, but are in fact "ripped" from another source or plagiarised.

    FYI we can usually tell straight away if something's ripped, there are a 'red flags' or markers to look out for which I won't divulge right now, but I will say that we have trained ears for this.

    Once we've made our assessment we can either delete because it's ripped from a TV show, or we are not entirely sure the origin; we can then do a little research and it will quickly determine if it's not genuine. Sometimes I recognise a sound and then I search my personal library of commercial audio samples, e.g. sound ideas, hollywood edge etc.

    In most cases the uploader won't change the name of the file so it's easy to cross-reference with any commercial sound database online, giving fast results.

    If this fails, then we will contact user to clarify. That is, if we haven't denied it already. Most of the time it's so obvious that the research part isn't necessary.

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