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    question about using sounds non comercial in youtube video

    i download a sounds from this website but there license Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)
    i dont sell them , i show them in video youtube showing ads
    is it ok ? or i must disable the ads in my videos
    and thank you very much

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    If you use sounds that have the "Attribution Non-Commercial" license, then you can't use them in anything that will make you money or other financial profit. So if that particular video is earning money from YouTube ad revenue, you should disable it.

    If the video is non-monetized and you don't earn anything but YouTube nevertheless sticks ads on the video and they are profiting from it, well, that's a little more difficult.

    When in doubt and using "Non-Commercial" licensed sounds, better to play it safe and disable the ads if you can to avoid any chance of legal action (however minuscule the chance might be).

    More info:

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    My reading of the "NONCOMMERCIAL" license is that it is not legal to make money off of it in any way, even incidentally.

    For example, CC-NC sounds cannot be bundled with GNU/Linux distributions because then it would be illegal to sell a computer with that distribution preinstalled. Or, if I made a free video game for Facebook, I couldn't use CC-NC sounds because Facebook will place advertisements next to my game. Likewise, I believe, even if you personally make no money from posting a sound on YouTube, it is still illegal by the letter of law.

    The spirit of the law, of course is much different. I think when most people chose CC-NC, they weren't thinking it'd prevent these sorts of basic usages by everyday folks who aren't trying to use the work to make money.

    That's why I never use NONCOMMERCIAL for any of my works. I prefer using SHAREALIKE (CC-SA) which gives me the end result I want:

    • People with no money, who just want to enjoy my work or transform it for their own personal use can do so.

    • People with no money, but who want to use my work to build something new are allowed to as long they share their new work back with me and the rest of the community. (Fair's fair.)

    • People with money (and corporations) who want to use my work to build something new that they don't want to release to the world under the sharealike terms, can ask me. If I agree, as copyright holder, I can grant them the use of my work under a different license and they can pay me for it. (Again, fair's fair).

    I wish Free Sound allowed CC-SA as one of the default options so that fewer people would pick the problematic CC-NC, but I guess another option might add to people's confusion.

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