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    need help

    hey guys or admin..
    i want to make simple game and i will put the game in playstore..
    if i want to use sfx or bgm in here for my game, what should i do ??
    i can just use that or i must ask the composer or what ??
    thx for your help

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    Check out:

    Simply, you can do whatever the heck you want with a sound if it has the "Creative Commons 0 License" ("Public Domain"). That includes making money off of it, without any need to credit/attribute the original creator.

    The remaining licenses are "Attribution" licenses, which means you MUST credit/attribute the original creator if you use them. This can simply be a little note in the credits section of your game.

    Be careful though, one of the attribution licenses is non-commercial ("Attribution Non-Commercial"), which means you cannot use the sound for commercial gain (e.g. to make money). The older, retired "Sampling+" license is also non-commercial, though that license is rarer to find on this site.

    In short, it seems like you'd be best sticking to sounds and music that is in the public domain (e.g., it has the "Creative Commons 0 License") which you can filter in your search. You can also consider those with an "Attribution" license, but you would need to credit the uploader for each sound you use with that license.

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