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    Podcast usage

    If I am making a podcast and using sound effects from this site, do I need to credit the sounds? The podcast may one day be monetized.

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    It depends on which license the uploader gave their sound.

    There are 3 licenses (used to be 4) that this site uses. Two of them will require attribution; the "Attribution" and "Attribution-Non Commercial" license. The former means you simply need to credit the sound. The latter means you need to credit the sound and you can't use it in projects that make money.

    The third license is the "0 License" or effectively "Public Domain". You can do whatever you like with this sound, and you don't even need to give credit.

    The fourth (now unavailable) license is the "Sampling" license, which does also require attribution, but is very uncommon to find on this site (it is usually with very old sounds).

    You can check the licenses of sounds you've used by looking on the right-side of their sound page (just below the "Download" button), or you can also check your downloaded sounds by looking on this page which lists the licenses of all the sounds you've downloaded:

    You can read more about it here:

    Hope that helps!

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