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    Getting and uploading sounds

    I have MPG device that also has a MIC jack (it can be used to record phone calls) and Microphone. I also have an Audio mixer, when the 3 are hooked together, I can record things such as dog(s) barking or a bus passing by both at street side and in my house, in winter or rain, you get the idea.

    Now if I record these sounds. can I upload them to this site?

    If I can, you can ask me to capture certain sounds, as I have the ability to take that mixer, MIC and recording device out anywhere, although I do not drive, live 2 blocks from a Big river, have neighbour who has loud cars. Just ask me and I will see what I could do.

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    Sounds great. Please feel free to contribute to the site using the upload portal:

    Go get some sounds! smile

    p.s. (obligatory tip) when you upload your sounds, please make sure you describe and tag properly so that the sounds don't get held up for an extended amount of time. Check the FAQ for guidance on describing/tagging HERE

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