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    Sound Use?

    I was wondering about this sound:

    I am working on an app at my University and I need a sound for a custom keyboard I made for it. My Prof. wants me to make doubly sure that there will not be any legal complications. I've read the law that the sound is licensed under, but I'm not 100% sure what it is telling me.

    If I used this sound would I have to link to this website or would it not be a problem at all if I just used it?

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    BUMP. I want to know also.

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    This particular sound is licensed under attribution which means it is free to use for projects (including commercial) but credit MUST be given. It's always a good idea to check a contributers profile for any specific requirements. (In this case there are none, only attribution)

    The preffered method of attribution is to link directly back to the user's profile like this

    or to the sound used like this.

    Normally this is a simple note in the description or credits. As you are using it for an app that's slightly different. Usually apps have some development information. Not everyone that uses the app is going to see or even look for this but the information must be there for those who wish to know.
    Linking to freesound allows other people to find this excellent resource.
    If you find a sound useful let the contributor know by rating it or leaving a comment.

    Good luck with your project

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