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    App integration

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to Freesound, but have fallen completely in love with the site.
    It's just incredible and I have already started to think about how I can contribute. Thank you!

    I am developing a sound board/cart app for the iPad. Yes, know there are plenty of those apps out there (some really good ones too), but after talking to a few directors and teacher friends, who want to play the sounds themselves during a performance, I felt there was room for improvement and went to work.

    During my work on the app, I found that another problem these people have, is finding the right sound files for their projects. There is a lot of stress involved so I thought about creating a sound library within the app, hosted externally. A sound library that all the users (or anyone else for that matter) could contribute and have access to (web). A place where permission and licensing could be sorted out in advance.

    But creating a sound library is a major undertaking! I then went on the net and looked if there was someone who had thought about this before, and found you guys. Who thought about this 8 years ago smile

    The app is a sound board/cart and will be available in the app store in June/July. The app will be free to download and use. If you want no limitations, it will cost a bit of money. How much, I don't know yet. The market is a bit limited.

    In version 2, I will add a number of new features and had hoped one of those features could be access to a sound library without leaving the app. I have read the licensing document for Freesound and hope it would be possible to do the following:

    1) Create a screen inside the app promoting Freesound.
    2) Let the app user log in to Freesound on that screen.
    3) Let the app user search the data base for sounds.
    4) Let the user dowload sounds to the app and use them
    under the licenses provided by Freesound.

    Would this be ok?
    Thank you for your time and for a great website.


    I just found this thread and see the question has been asked before:

    The app's purpose is NOT to provide sound effects to the user, but to organize and facilitate playback of sound files during a performance.

    I also found this. An app made on top of the Freesound library...


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