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    Attribution Sound:If used in a game,would a message always have to be displayed crediting its author when its played?


    I'm making a new internet gameplay mode for a free PC game and I would like to use a modified version of a sound ( which has a "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported" license (
    "For attribution you should always mention the original creators of the sounds when you use them."

    Does this mean that every time an attribution sound is played in a game, a message should appear on a user's screen telling them who made the sound?

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    Hello Joe88, thanks for asking this.

    I recommend you read , especially part 4.

    I don't think at the current state of technology displaying credits while a sound is played would be appropriate to demand. You should put the info (XXX by XYZ from Freesound) into the credits and include full attribution in a text file and mention in the credits that there is a text file with full information. If you don't want to distribute text files with the game, create a "extended" credits which contains all the links and such, as an addition to the "nice to look at" credits.

    Pay attention to the DRM prohobitions of the license.

    As an example how games credit cc0/ccby sounds: (In my opinion an acceptable solutions, but could be improved by mentioning license in credits and existence of text file with full credits for example).

    Please ask any questions that remain! smile

    Rant: I would really love a 'credits' mode to be implemented in a game, where there would be a text connected via a line to every texture, 3d model etc with author info. the same could be done with sounds while it is played... smile

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    Thanks for answering my question qubodup.

    I will read the license's legal code.

    I'm developing a new mode for GoldenEye Source.

    I like your credits mode idea. I'm not a member of this game's development team so I don't know if they would accept a patch from me which would modify its source code (I'm scripting my new mode, I don't think your credits mode idea could be implemented with scripts) by implementing your credits mode idea, but I will suggest your idea in this game's suggestions forum.

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