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    Uploading Public Domain Footage

    What is Freesound's take on users uploading audio footage from public domain films? I've searched the site and there doesn't seem to be much of this stuff around. Basically, I have captured some audio from old propaganda films which are listed as public domain or under a CC license, and I would like to include them here. But I know laws can be tricky, so I thought I'd ask:
    1. If a film is in the public domain, is it safe to assume that the audio is included under the same license?
    2. Is it possible for a recording of a song used in such a film to be subject to different copyright laws?
    For example, can I upload the "Bert the Turtle" song from the 1951 Archer Productions "Duck and Cover" film? Found it here:

    Beth Phonik
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    Hello Beth!
    I am in the film distribution industry and I have some public domain titles in my collection. The film and or musical works you are asking about are not apart of my film catalog.
    But I will tell you that if you clicked on the public domain link at the archives.

    You will see the statement: Creative Commons has retired this legal tool and does not recommend that it be applied to works.

    Just because it claims to be public domain or CC works. Does not mean it is free from copyright.

    A good resource to test the musical score, is to download the film, then upload the film to
    Once your film is done uploading, you will get a message or alert from youtube regarding copyright claims. most of the time, it is the musical score that is still protected.

    If you want 99.9% reassurance? Visit U.S Copyright office! For a fee You may request information in regards to your project.

    Another great website is Copyright Clearance Center.

    Millions of people in businesses, universities, law firms and government agencies rely on Copyright Clearance Center and to use and share published content with ease and confidence. CCC offers annual copyright licenses and pay-per-use licensing services to meet the diverse needs of organizations and institutions of every size and shape.

    They also offer ACADEMIC
    Faculty and staff at more than a thousand institutions license content through CCC for coursepacks, e-reserves, course management systems, interlibrary loan and other classroom and educational uses.

    I hope that helps
    all the Best!

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