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    use sounds in the film

    Hi everybody,

    First of all, excuse me for my bad english.

    I've read FAQ and many topics here but I still want to ask.

    I just want to use some sounds in my film which licenses are "Attribution" and want to ask from you about its format. Let say the user is "U" and sound url is "http://sound_url". Is it enough to write as follows

    "http://sound_url" by "U" ?

    some usernames and sound titles are very strange so how I can write it that not looks strange in the credits of film?


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    Nice point... I've asked myself the same question recently.

    <3 flac
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    What do you think about such approach
    for your movie credits:

    "Sounds by courtesy of FreeSound Community:

    1234, 2345, 4567, 7891 by SomeFreeSoundUser;
    1122, 2233, 4455 by AnotherFreeSoundUser;
    4321, 5432, 7654 by YetAnotherFreeSoundUser;"

    Summarizing: omit sound titles and URLs, keep sound IDs
    and nicknames.

    Using sample number in search function on FreeSound
    is enough to find given sample.

    Of course it is possible that some users will require
    to put full URL in credits, so first check description
    of given sound.



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    There's always the possibility of asking the creator directly for an appropriate credit name if you do not wish to include numbers or inappropriate user names.

    ^That's if you don't have hundreds, that would be impractical.

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