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    Music Video Attribution Conundrum

    Hello Freesound users,

    I have found myself in an unexpected situation.
    I have used about 5-6 different sound files hosted by users here on freesound, as part of the sound design for a music video I directed and edited.
    Naturally, my intention was to attribute the creators as per each license in the description on the video on youtube.

    The project was a none-commercial one, largely as it was done for fun, no one is making any money directly from the product, etc etc, so it seemed like a safe bet to source sounds from here. I found a small collection of sound effects that were exactly what I was looking for.

    However, once the video was finished, and handed to client, we (myself and band management) found out that we have very little, to no control, over the marketing of the video (as it was commissioned by a third party) and as such we cannot attribute the creators in the traditional the youtube description, something we thought we would be able to do prior to creating the video.

    Any suggestions of how else I can give credit where credit is due?

    (As some of you know, or in case you didn't, its not unusual to struggle with music video credits as they are often tricky with regard to attribution as credit lists are rarely published publicly, just the band name, song and director).

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