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    Music background for a shop


    It´s my first time that i´m doing a blog of a shop of clothes and I don´t know anything about laws of music.

    I wanted to use a free sound of your webside in order to create a background music in my web-shop of clothes. NOT sell the sound.

    What sound do I have to use? Sounds licenced under the Creatives Commons? public domain? or Attribution non commercial?

    Thank you very much!!

    Best regards from Spain!!

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    Hi, I'm not a lawyer, but that sounds like probably a form of commercial use so you should feel comfortable using sounds with the attribution license (provided you do in fact attribute in some way) or public domain (there are no restrictions). If you find a attribution non-commercial sound that you really, really like, I suggest contacting the creator of the sound and possibly making some arrangement that way.
    When searching it is easy to filter by license to make it easier to find sounds you can use.

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