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    CC0 Question


    I just had a quick question concerning CC0.
    If I downloaded something here under the CC0 license and use it in one of my works:

    I do not need to attribute/notify/credit the author in any way,
    it could be used for both non-commercial/commercial purposes,
    modify their work in any way; in other words, the work submitted under CC0 can be used however I like?

    I did some research through their website and I THINK all of the above is true.

    I also found this in the FAQ:

    Can I control how my work is being used once I publish it using CC0?

    Not really. CC0 is about achieving the effect of placing works in the public domain. Just like anything already in the public domain today, anybody will be able to use your work for any purpose, even in ways you may find distasteful or objectionable. They can also make money off of your work, and they may give you credit or they may not. One aspect you retain control over, however, is the use of the work by others with your trademarks. CC0 does not surrender any trademark rights you have. If others want to associate your trademark with a work you distribute under CC0, they need to ask your permission first as required by trademark law.

    If you are worried about how your work will be used, if you want to legally require attribution, or if you don't want people to make money off of your work, then you should not use CC0 and instead consider using one of our licenses.

    So they submitter of a work under CC0 has absolutely no control over their work except trademarks if applicable?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    You are correct, the person using the work has no restrictions, excepting trademarks.

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