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    My "freesounds" appears in a commercial site

    Dear freesound team.
    It seems that a commercial site, selling sounds for mobile phones, is using some sounds that users uploaded to freesound, icluding mines. Is it normal ?

    for example :

    Thank you


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    looks like they are picking 20 second fragments of some of the freesound sounds... we will have a look into that... however, although it is a very strange web site, I cannot see they are selling anything. Moreover, the sounds they picked from you are released with the creative commons 0 (public domain) license in Freesound, so they do not even need to credit...


    the freesound team
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    Hi Frederick

    A Google search of "strangely gnarled wap" (note: underscore in my name replaced with space) brings up 310,000 results of sites using one of my car_start_stop sounds. I'm not troubled by this particularly, but it is annoying that these urls have displaced the "interesting" links I used to find to work crediting my sounds. That is an unfortunate downside of using CC0 I guess!


    Edit: Actually, I just checked - My sounds are CC Atribution, so these sites are being very naughty indeed. They actually seem to be using quite a few Freesound files.

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    Hey guys,

    Well, if you follow the creative commons license: they are actually giving away the sounds for free and they are crediting the original users (i.e. your username is there). They might be doing it in an ugly and operating-near-the-grey-zone-of-legality way, but... in essence they aren't doing anything wrong.

    To be honest you can probably find 10000 websites doing this with the sounds from freesound (freely replace this with: ccmixter, soundcloud, etc etc etc) and there is no way to stop these guys from doing this.

    Don't see creative commons as a way of enforcing your rights because (like copyright) you will fail. See using creative commons as giving the users of your material the option of doing the right thing

    Well, and if you use CC0, then, well, then all bets are off by definition of course smile They could be charging 200euro per sound and it would be perfectly legal. Shady, bad manners and terrible etiquette, YES! Illegal? Nope.

    hope this helps

    - bram

    PS: once in a while someone finds one of these and then we discuss about it a bit. Best practice: forget about them and move on

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    Bram is right. This is the world of today. I enjoy all those people who do contact me.
    People, make good recordings. Many polite and frendly users create great products with our sound.
    Enjoy these contacts.

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