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    freesound commercial use

    Hello freesound staff and community,

    I have been approached by a company with regards to one of my sounds which they wish to implement in their product. They want to know if they can purchase a license to use the sound freely in their products. I have read through the cc licensing contract and can't decipher as to how this can be achieved. I have only been approached by non profit companies and students in the past with regards to public use of this sound and gave permission to free utilization of the sound in those type of productions, but never a commercial use such as this.
    If anyone in the FS community has any knowledge or experience with this issue and can help, I would immensely appreciate it.

    kind regards,
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    I am not a lawyer, but as I understand it, is that if the sound is yours to begin with (you created/recorded it etc) you can make any arrangement with them separate from the Freesound/CC license which is non-exclusive. It is also possibly worth mentioning that something like a video game or movie that makes money isn't considered to be a commercial. But again, as far as I can tell you are free to make any other licensing arrangements you wish with your sounds. You don't give up that right when you upload to Freesound.
    As far as how much to ask for in this situation it is hard to say, but I would base it on how large of a scope/budget their project has and how much influence your work has on their project (foley sound of a door versus 5 minutes of music for example), as well as how much effort you had to go through and possibly find some rates of other people who are doing a similar thing.
    Good luck!

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