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    Using effects in commercial Sound Design

    I believe the use is legal because the sound would be edited and in no way a large part of the project as it would be one sound in a long commercial with music and sound. However, how would you attribute this? Its not like there are credits for after a commercial runs. Sounds are taken from effects libraries and CDs all the time but never referenced (because you don't have to and because there's nowhere to do it). So i'm wondering how, if at all, you can attribute someone's sound for a commercial spot.

    Any insight into this would be fabulous-

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    This is a question I've been wondering about for some time.

    The intricacies of the Sampling Plus license may actually prohibit such use. It depends on what you are advertising.

    If you are advertising a creative work or product that uses the sample (such as a music album) I think it's okay as long as you attribute the sample somewhere prominent, like in the album liner notes.

    If you are using the sample to advertise an unrelated product like a car, no dice.

    You have to get permission directly from the sample author in this case.

    Sorry for the delayed response.

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