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    CC Attribution - Who is the author?

    Hey there everybody,
    I would really like to use some of the CC Attribution samples on this site. As I know, these samples should be mentioned as composed or recorded by the original author. But The problem is that the author is never mentioned. I can only see the nickname of the one who posted the sample. Is that the author I have to mention? I am waiting for a reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

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    I have my sounds as klankbeeld. Thats the name people use to credit. And that okey.

    A good way to credit is:

    Thanks user klankbeeld for (file-link)and

    I hope it helps you a bit..


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    Always check the uploader's page if you are releasing something that uses sounds from the site.
    Some people like to be credited with a different name from their Freesound nickname. smile

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