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    Supernatural, An Intense, Satirical Tale Of New God

    First season of Supernatural last night was a hell of a way - or should I say "the sky of a road?" - To start the seventh year of this series of monsters Supernatural DVD , magic, angels and demons. The sixth season ended with the brothers Winchester Castiel angel buddy swallow all the souls in purgatory and monstrous turn to God. In this episode, "Meet the new boss," written by Sera Gamble rider show, we can see exactly what kind of God, our angel turned out to be humor impaired. The results, shall we say, is not pretty. But they did an amazing episode. House MD DVD

    Spoilers ahead, my beautiful protozoa!

    I would say from the beginning that this was an exceptional incident from many angles: the pace is great, the pieces together was touching and funny, and The Kinks were added to the cosmology of the show Pretty Little Liars DVD was exciting and to make sense. Of course, it did not hurt that the script Gamble pulled all the stops, bringing both the death (who ate pickles tasty chips) and Crowley (semi-filed "King of Hell") to deal to the Earth God's little problem. Ghost Whisperer DVD

    We started where we left off last season with the new God Castiel told everyone to kneel before him and began to worship. Since he has already killed some of Raphael and his angels Hench, leaving only Sam Smallville DVD , Dean and Bobby in the duty of prostration. Unfortunately, their act of worship is not pleasant Castiel - they do not like it, do not worry. Then he zooms off the slaughter of many of his enemies in the air and go on a rampage of justice on earth.

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