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    Samples for a university project!


    I was just wondering if anyone could make this clear to me, I am currently studying a music technology course at uni in the UK and am on my final project where I have chosen my instrument (the harmonica) but aside from writing about its history, usage, parts etc. I have to do some waveform analysis' and I was wondering whether I could use samples from here so long as I credit them?!

    I didn't know whether it would be possible as I would not be changing them in any way but on the other hand I would only be using them for analysis rather than a production (I am also a producer and often use samples in my work but I did read the licence and am now completely baffled)!

    Hope someone can help,

    Rachel (DJ Chelski)

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    As long as they are credited, I see no problem. If attribution is a problem you can PM the creator/s and ask if you can use the files with no attribution.


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