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    Request to add ISRC, ISBN, DOI + other identifiers

    Hi there, International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is generally attached to audio recordings and is used by many in the music industry. Similarly, DOI and ISBN are also useful at times as identifiers for research. I wondered if individual sound files could have additional fields for ISRC, DOI and ISBN. Similarly if Packs can have ISBN and DOI. Freesound automatically creates URNs for each file and each pack which is great in itself but a producer does not have the options to add identifiers if they would like to add. It would be really useful to add additional fields for standard and custom identifiers. P.S. Internet Archive is pretty awesome when it comes to Metadata. Probably something like that could be very useful.

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    I've seen that a Cart meta-data attachment allows for User Defined Text, and EBU extensions allow for pretty open-ended Description, but I've never seen anything that calls out the items you are asking about. You could define your own extension format for WAV files, of course, but if the fields are generally useful then they are probably already defined somewhere. Sorry I'm no help.

    -- Keith W. Blackwell

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