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    Celebrating its 3rd active year on the scene, the belgian website/community Electrobel has opened 3 new portal sites. One for France, Holland and another one for the UK.

    Electrobel is a community for musicians and producers. It provides an easy way to spread your music.
    We work with a Creative Commons licence; meaning that your works are released under a licence that allows free distribution and usage for non-commercial use (much like the Freesound project).

    The belgian portal has over 6000 mp3 songs all downloadable for free and around 1000 artists
    (pretty impressive for such a small country :wink: )

    The initiative has received the 3rd Place at the WSYA world awards in the Creativity & Culture category.

    The website services are 100% free (no catches)!

    We have only started the promotion for the new portals recently, so you may find the portal pretty empty for now, but don't hesitate to come put your music online, others will follow.

    See you soon on || || ||

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