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    Freesound saying your navigating too fast

    I'm trying to add sounds to a video. Every time I search something it says:

    "Not so fast, cowboy
    It seems that either we've pointed you in the wrong direction or that you're trying to access a page and our server refuse to respond. Maybe you're trying to navigate Freesound too fast?

    Please take your time with each page, make sure you listen to all of the nice sounds before moving to the next smile"

    Even when I refresh the page or search something slower it just gives me that. Is there a way to fix this or is something else happening?

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    Hey there

    Sorry for the inconvenience. A recent server update has caused some issues with the site, we are working on fixing these.

    For now, if you get the error message, try refreshing the page until the results appear.


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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the inconveniences. As Sam pointed out, this is related to the changes in the server that were made earlier today. I made a temporary fix just now, and will make a better fix tomorrow, but you should not be seeing these messages again smile

    the freesound team

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