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    Some of My Useful Halloween/Fall season sounds

    Hi all. I'm an audio post-production pro for a studio in Minneapolis and in my spare time I do foley and field recordings that podcasters and audiodrama producers and filmmakers might find useful. With Halloween and fall upon us, I thought I might point out a few of my favorite sounds that work good for the season.

    Dragging a body across a concrete floor -- Somebody grunts as they drag a dead body across a concrete floor.

    Dragging a body across a concrete floor 2 -- Dragging a dead body across a concrete floor with a little less grunting than the first version.

    City Neighborhood with passing traffic and a distant marching band -- Fall Neighborhood, wind blows through the leaves, traffic passes, and when the wind blows the right direction, you can faintly hear a university marching band rehearsing.

    Footsteps approach on leaves. -- There a few more similar sounds in that pack.

    Civil Defense Tornado Sirens and Dogs Howl -- Birds are chirping and a light breeze blows. Church bells can be faintly heard in the background. Then, starting with a low moan and rising to a high-wail, the civil defense (or tornado warning or air-raid or tsunami warning) sirens sound as the horn rotates and creates a doppler effect. The dogs in the neighborhood begin to howl and bark along. Sirens continue for several minutes until everything returns to normal.

    Dog barking in a sketchy neighborhood -- Traffic passes as a dog barks in a sketchy neighborhood. The traffic gets quieter for a bit and then more traffic and a car with booming bass passes.

    lone black crow calls, leaves swirl and traffic passes -- It's peak fall in a windy neighborhood and the wind blows through the trees. A lone black crow calls at the very beginning. This would make a great scene setter.

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