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    Here are some of my sounds for you guys and gals.

    When I first joined up here I tried to upload sounds to donate but it always failed. I work in many gauge film...VHS So no time to F around with screwy websites. A such I uploaded all my sounds to the I.A.

    Even though my account shows no uploads I tried and here are some donations for you guys and gals that may have a use.

    While you are at the I.A. search for my name. I have the world's largest online hi-res underground archive. Maybe something of interest for your collection.

    As a side note...

    I offer free oversize flatbed scanning up to 11 x 17, free R/R tape and cassette digitizing, free L.P digitizing and free 16mm silent film 2K scanning...if it is something of interest to share with my Archive. (I don't offer those services for $$.)

    Write direct if you want to submit something for free services review.

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