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    How can you become a moderator?

    Freesounds has brought me much joy and hope. I always wanted to provide the world with something that people appreciated and made me feel relevant. In the beginning I tried doing videogame
    development. But that was too expensive and delusional for a solo guy.

    After seeing the (relatively for me lol) big number of downloads and positive scores I got here,
    as well as getting good feedback on Audiu and Newgrounds, I finally realized that my future is
    making "music" and grow every day. Expanding and improving my skills in DAWs,
    plugins and synthesizers.

    TLDR: Freesounds means a lot to me. And I feel like I should give something in return, for the new life and perspective it has given me. I thought about being a moderator, and help with the adding of sounds submitted here.

    My question is: how do you become a moderator here? Do you guys allow more people to your crew?

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    Hi Drakensson.

    Just recently we added a new moderator and at this time sounds being submitted are at relatively slow rate.
    So for now we do not need a new sound moderator.
    To become a sound moderator you just need to ask to become one and the other mods will consider having you on board. What looks good to us if you want to become a mod is to have been on freesound for longer than a year, uploaded at least 50 or more sounds but is not really a requirement, be supportive/active on the forums and not have a history of uploading sounds that are illegal to freesound.
    Those are just the few I can think of that would qualify you to become a mod but aren't 100 percent necessary.
    I strongly believe that just being a good person is what qualifies you the most to become a mod.
    As with me and all the other mods do is voluntary work here so we just wish to make this site the best in terms of sound and creative audio expression.

    I'll keep you in mind when I believe that we could use another mod.



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